Cloud Services

Uniconnect Networks Inc. provides cloud infrastructure solutions. We offers Application Hosting, Public & Private Cloud, Migration-as-a-Service, IT Management Outsourcing, and IT Support & Services.

Application Hosting

Uniconnect Networks, a leading Application Hosting Company, is where your search will end and you will walk out with your application that can be accessed from anywhere that gives you a leading edge in the industry.

Running a data center for a Non-IT company is a pain. Not only it involves maintaining the IT equipment but also has a very high operational cost of power, cooling, and employing an IT resource.

Application Hosting Services refers to computing platforms that enable the delivery of software via the Internet. Application Hosting Services can provide an operational platform for virtually any type of software application. Content management applications, web development applications, database applications, and email management applications serve as common examples of on-demand software that may be hosted via the Internet.

Uniconnect Networks has expanded its technology portfolio in hosting mission-critical applications that can be accessed by our customers from anywhere over the internet but still have the same feeling of running the application on the personal laptop.

Now our customers can get rid of the hassles of managing their own datacenter and can host their applications like Quickbooks, Dentrix in our cloud. The platform is not only robust but also provides a high level of redundancy in case of any failure. This has resulted in reducing the expenses on IT and investing more in the core business.

Public Cloud – AWS/Azure

Public cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS provide enormous scope for flexibility and scaling as requirements change. For users, building their infrastructure on these agile OPEX models gives them a great opportunity to look at different cloud solutions.

But, understanding which systems can and should be migrated to the public cloud can present a range of challenges. Different applications need different platforms for optimal performance and many legacy applications are just not suited for the public cloud.

In addition, businesses need to ensure they manage both the performance and costs of running complex application environments across multiple cloud platforms. As systems are created or migrated to public cloud providers, they also need to have full confidence in their operational support model.

One of the big questions for any organization moving to the public cloud is, can we do all this ourselves? Here comes Uniconnect to your service. We will guide you with the public cloud platform to choose from for your mission-critical applications and services and provide professional service for migrating the managing the services in the public cloud.

Private Cloud Solutions

The ultimate enterprise cloud experience built on VMware – designed to deliver outstanding reliability and results.

Managed cloud services across private, dedicated, and on-premise platforms. We couple of leading infrastructure expertise with unbeatable cloud management.

Our Private Cloud implementation services take into consideration both your current business needs and future needs to scale through hybrid IT or virtual private cloud environments.

Why Private Cloud?

  • Greater level of control over security and performance.
  • Applications, data, and other resources are kept isolated from, and inaccessible to, other cloud tenants.
  • Ability to test, install, and deploy new technologies not available through public cloud service.
  • Deploy new blocks of computing power without capital investment in physical infrastructure.
  • Multiple Hosting Options (Standalone / Virtual /Cloud).

At Uniconnect Networks, we provide our support in building your private cloud solution on the Vmware platform. We also provide management of your private cloud so that your business runs without any issues.


Simpler, Smarter, and Faster Workload Migration.

The migration of on-premise workloads to cloud infrastructure has proven benefits in terms of cost reduction, scalability, optimized performance, and regulatory compliance.

However, traditional processes for workload migration are very complex and involve a significant amount of manual activities and multiple tools.

The presence of heterogeneous applications and varied workloads makes migration a time-consuming process that requires multiple skillsets. In addition, migration is mostly an offline process, typically involving a large amount of downtime.

Uniconect Network’s Migration-as-a-Service offering enables organizations to simplify the migration of different types of workloads across varied infrastructure deployments which can be used for a wide variety of migration scenarios, including:

  • Migrating applications and data from legacy infrastructure to cloud environments.
  • Moving workloads across different cloud platforms (Netmagic, AWS, Azure) or infrastructure (public, private, virtual private).
  • Datacenter transformation, consolidation, or relocation.
  • Moving on-premise software licenses to cloud-based licensing models.

IT Management Outsourcing

Uniconnect Networks, a leading provider of IT Management Services, is where your search will end and you will walk out with your needs, we make you stand first in the IT services.

When your business encounter areas of high complexity that require support or management — areas such as IT — it is becoming increasingly the norm to outsource the job to specialists such as our professionals here at Uniconnect Networks. We have an IT infrastructure and level of managed service expertise that our services in IT outsourcing allow you to leverage. As our IT outsourcing services are very much our “front office“ we aim to excel at both providing and continually improving them, so that as one of our customers, you can spend more time focusing on your core business rather than your IT.

There are many different reasons why you may choose to outsource, with benefits including more predictable costs, ease of upgrades, and change management, not to mention improved levels of service and support. When you contact us to discuss the challenges that you face, you’ll soon see that there are many ways to reduce the time and pain that is associated with IT support and service delivery.

Our full range of outsourced services includes Date center solutions, Private and Public cloud implementation and management, Migration service, Structured cabling, and In-house training.