Structured Cabling

A Structured Data Cabling System integrates the voice, Data, Video, and various Management Systems of a Building including Safety Alarms, Security, Energy Systems, etc.

With Structured cabling, you can rest assured that your phone, data & network cabling are consistent, safe, and scalable. Structured Cabling provides a single point for all administrative and management requirements.

We specialize in the Design and Installation of Structured Cabling Services in Vancouver, Canada. We offer Structured Cabling services at a reasonable price.

When it comes to building a new data center or building a surveillance solution, the technician often messes up with cabling. It has been seen that even after completing the project well before time, an issue with cabling eats up almost 30% of the project schedule, thus delaying the project. With structured cabling, you can not only eliminate issues during the project but also be able to find a cabling problem quickly for the entire lifecycle. We have implemented our solution for many industries. Our catalog includes:

Voice & Video

Data Infrastructure Design, and Implementation. Voice and Video cabling are the backbones of your business. Most businesses recognize that even diminutive periods of downtime can be extremely costly. Intermittent connection problems or slow networks can toil productivity to a halt and also put added stress on the shoulders of staff who are trying to hit their deadlines. For all these causes, it should be clear that establishing a sturdy and reliable voice and video cabling network should be on the top of your priority list.

Indoor and Outdoor Fibre Optic

Uniconnect is specialized in Indoor and Outdoor Fibre Optic cabling. We do also inspect the existing cabling and provide suggestions. We also provide certification. Single and multi-mode Installation, and Certification.

Cable Testing and Certification

When it comes to testing existing cabling whether it’s RG6, RG59, Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A, and Cat 8, it’s a pain to the business. But with highly experience professional we test the cables with ease and also certify as per customer requirement.

Cable Layout/Map Documentation

It’s often seen that in the absence of a cabling document it becomes very difficult for a business to resolve their connectivity issues. Sometimes a simple cabling issue can cause a huge downtime resulting in a business loss. At Uniconnect, our experts will visit your place, will examine each cabling and document as per the standards, and can also provide you a map that can be used in the future for troubleshooting, replacing, and extension activities.